Gino Ginelli's Dead

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Charles and Ollie Ginelli haven’t seen their father for over twenty years, when they must go to their childhood home-town to organise his funeral. The brothers encounter the strange, the incompetent and the the unusual during the ceremony and remember why they were so glad they left in the first place. Still, at least they get to leave straight away. Don’t they? Visit for award winning comedy and drama.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Gino Ginelli – 3 – Gino Ginelli Lives

    After one funeral, no donkey rides, hundreds of lost Krazy Golf balls, a livid bingo caller, the most violent Punch & Judy show ever, two heavies with bad knees, countless ill-advised conversations and the most inept Lawyer in the business it looks like Charles and Ollie are finally going to ...


  2. Gino Ginelli – 2 – Gino Ginelli’s Still Dead

    In Part 2 of our hit sit-com, Charles and Ollie are still in Swanborough and their father, Gino, is still dead. Neither can decide whether to go back to their normal life in London, or to stay in Swanborough and get to know the rest of the locals… Lionel Blair doing Punch ...